Have you relocated your company’s headquarters to Poland or are you interested in opening a bank account for a foreign company abroad? In either case, it is important to be patient and prepare the necessary documents. In this article, we will guide you through the essential steps of opening a bank account in Poland for a foreign company.

What makes a good bank account in Poland?

First and foremost, a good bank account should provide customers with an individual IBAN. If you intend to use your account within Europe, it is advisable to avoid banks that do not offer this option.

Additionally, having online banking available in a language you are familiar with is crucial. Without online access or a comprehensible language interface, we may find ourselves helpless and unable to receive assistance from the bank’s helpline.

Another important consideration is whether the bank is covered by a deposit guarantee. In the European Union, our savings are protected up to €100,000. It is essential to verify if the chosen bank offers such a guarantee.

Furthermore, let’s examine the availability of foreign currency accounts. Can we open an account in EUR, PLN, or another desired currency, and what exchange rates does the bank provide for currency conversion?

If we plan to use ATMs, it is advisable to inquire whether the bank issues a multi-currency card. This feature will help us avoid excessive costs when withdrawing money from ATMs.

Lastly, it is crucial to take into account the costs associated with opening and maintaining an account. These fees should be reasonable, such as being free up to a certain deposit limit and incurring a reasonable fixed fee above this limit.


Bank account in a foreign bank – what do I need ?

When opening a bank account in a foreign bank, there are several key things you need to consider and prepare. Here are the essentials:

  1. Identification Documents: You will typically need to provide valid identification documents such as your passport or national ID card. Make sure your documents are up to date and meet the bank’s requirements.
  2. Proof of Address: Most banks require proof of your residential address. This can be in the form of utility bills, bank statements, or official letters addressed to you. Check with the bank for specific requirements.
  3. Business Documentation: If you are opening an account for a business, you will need to provide relevant business documentation such as the company registration certificate, articles of association, and tax identification number.
  4. Purpose of the Account: Be prepared to explain the purpose of the account and provide information about your business activities or personal financial situation. Banks may require this information to ensure compliance with regulations.
  5. Account Features and Services: Consider what features and services are important to you, such as online banking, international wire transfers, and customer support. Research different banks to find the ones that best meet your needs.

It is important to note that requirements may vary depending on the specific bank and country. It is advisable to contact the bank directly or consult with a professional advisor to ensure you have all the necessary documents and meet the requirements for opening a bank account in a foreign bank.


If a foreign company has a branch in Poland, the process of opening a bank account may be less complicated compared to a foreign company without a branch. Polish banks are generally more willing to open accounts for companies that have a steady income, which is typically higher than that of individual customers. Banks actively compete for such clients. However, if a foreign company established abroad wishes to open a bank account in Poland, banks may face challenges in determining the business profile of that company.

In addition to the bank account application, the foreign entity is required to provide a range of documents, which must be translated into Polish and certified by a notary or a sworn Polish translator. This process incurs additional costs and may necessitate additional trips to Poland.

Obstacles to opening a bank account in Poland

The requirement to translate a large number of documents is not the only obstacle for foreign companies. When a foreign national who does not speak Polish applies to open a bank account in Poland, they face a language barrier. However, it is worth considering hiring a fluent translator who can accompany you to the bank or communicate with a consultant over the phone. Of course, this incurs additional costs.

All Polish banks have anti-money laundering procedures in place. It is recommended that the foreign company’s activities are not related to cryptocurrency or countries such as Iran, Syria, or Sudan. Each bank has its own verification processes for foreign entities. If the bank has doubts about the credibility of the company, they may refuse to open a bank account. Such decisions are made by the bank’s head office on a case-by-case basis.

The process of opening a bank account in Poland can take between a few days and two weeks. To avoid wasting time on unproductive applications and to ensure a smooth process, it is advisable to entrust the task of opening a bank account in Poland to specialists at AssistPRO. This way, you can save time and money by avoiding unnecessary complications.