Who are we ?

We are a team of specialists who can help you build a successful business in the centre of Europe – Poland. Having excellent knowledge of the Lithuanian carrier’s market and their position in today’s market, we offer a wide range of services in one place. In response to customer inquiries, we have joined forces with Polish partners to create a joint Lithuanian-Polish project and offer you solutions to all your inquiries. After hearing your vision, we will be able to offer several alternative offers.

We serve customers in Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, English and, if necessary, in other languages.

We speak your language!

The mission of AssistPRO Sp. Z. o. o. is to fulfill all its obligations honestly and expeditiously by developing long-term cooperation with the Company’s existing and future clients and partners, offering mature and relevant solutions, increasing the company’s value and developing its activities not only in Poland but also in Europe creating a high- quality environment for business, society and people.

Our services:

Simple professional solutions for any customer’s new challenge at an affordable price!

Leave All Your Worries to Us..

Dispel the myth that setting up a company in a foreign country is difficult!

Whether it is a private limited liability company (Polish: Spόłka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością (Sp. Z o.o.)) or other legal entity, you can set up online or through a notary.

These are:

  • Simple,  Fast, Without bureaucracy.

Possibilities of establishing a company in Poland:

I. Establishment (Through a notary)

From € 940 net + 23% VAT
Duration: 3 to 6 weeks
* Additional costs: authorized capital (min. PLN 5,000), registered office address (virtual office 290 € / year), court register fees, opening a bank account, etc.

II. Establishment (Electronically S24) no physical presence in a foreign country is required

From € 490 net + 23% VAT
Duration: 2 to 3 weeks
* Additional costs: authorized capital (min. PLN 5,000), registered office address, other taxes.
* Sample founding documents are used
* Additional requirement: e-signature

III. Establishment of a branch (Through a notary)

From € 890 net + 23% VAT
Duration: 3 to 6 weeks
* Additional costs: other taxes.

IV. Purchase (Through a notary)

From € 1140 net + 23% VAT
Duration: 3 to 6 weeks;
* Additional costs: other taxes.

Requirements for a company or licensing in Poland is not a complicated process!
AssistPROSp.z.o.o helps transport companies in Poland:

  • Obtain international / local company licenses.
  • A person holding a certificate of professional competence is required to obtain a license. We also provide, such a service.
  • We organize driver courses and trainings (code 95, etc.)
  • We help to register vehicles in Poland (without the presence of a vehicle).

It is important to know about the performance of road transport without a license, in accordance with Art. No. Item 1.1, is subject to a fine of PLN 12,000.00.

AssistPRO helps transport companies to find and recruit relevant specialists abroad. Employment opportunities for foreigners:

  • Employment of foreigners on call (it is possible to work 180 days a year);
  • Employment of foreigners, according to the „A” type annual work permit;

And we also help foreigners:

  • Obtain a driver’s license;
  • Get code 95;
  • Medical examinations or psychological tests;

Persons from non-EU countries, including citizens of Ukraine, may operate in Poland under the necessary conditions laid down by law.

Assessing the risk and insuring with PZU is especially easy!

AssistPRO helps transport companies to identify risks and insure those risks with a reliable partner.
Among the leaders in the transport sector, werepresent PZU (in Poland, PZU holds over 30% of the market), WARTA and ERGO HESTIA share 15% each. markets.

  • Motor third party liability insurance in Poland – MANDATORY and you can buy it from us!
  • Vehicle insurance – KASKO (voluntary), you can also buy from us!
The desire to develop a business in Poland must always be accompanied by the selection of the right team and quality accounting services, so We leave these services to real professionals.

Cooperates with reliable partners in Poland who we can recommend to you.
In Poland, the bookkeeping must be done every month and all the relevant reports must be submitted, so starting of business we recommend that you leave it to the accounting firm. Depending on the Polish city, accounting costs can range from 90-140 EUR net + 23% VAT / monthly (up to 15 invoices).

Dual benefits – expert help and openly about the services you really need!

For many reasons, including the changing market situation, it is forcing the business to reorganize. It is important to do this quickly and efficiently, whether by separating the activities of a company or vice versa by merging several related companies. For this process to be effective, it is also necessary to assess it from a legal point of view.

Our assistance covers the following areas of activity:

    • Establishment and liquidation of all types of companies or representative offices in Poland and Lithuania;
    • Restructuring, restructuring and reorganization of international companies;
    • Consultations on shareholders’ agreements;
    • Legal review;
    • Management of companies’ internal documents;
    • Other questions.
If you are injured in a traffic accident, do you think that the insurance company’s benefit is too low?
In these and similar cases, it is useful to have an independent property appraiser, with us it is:

      • Simple;
      • Quickly;
      • Without bureaucracy;
Dispel the myth that finding a common language is difficult!

Polish is spoken by a large number of people in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia and Lithuania. In cooperation with many highly qualified language specialists, we can offer translations not only from Polish into Lithuanian, but also translations of Polish and other language combinations.
      • Assistance before purchasing a vehicle in Poland Want to buy a car, but doubt if you can properly assess its condition?

We will go and inspect the vehicle together with you or without you. If necessary, we will arrange the assistance of a qualified service.

      • Other individually tailored services


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