Residence permit in Poland through the purchase of real estate does not grant any additional rights, advantages, or exceptions in terms of legalizing your stay in Poland, such as obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence permit, or citizenship. If you buy real estate in Warsaw or any other city in Poland, you can only reside in the country during the validity period of your visa. The ideal option would be to acquire real estate and establish a business in Poland. Having a business in Poland facilitates the process of obtaining a residence permit, as a portion of your income will be contributed to the Polish budget. The most common legal form for company formation in Poland is Sp. Z o. o., and the process typically takes up to 1 month.

Advantages of purchasing real estate in Poland when obtaining a residence permit or citizenship:

  • When applying for a visa at the consulate, there is no requirement to provide proof of a residential address

  • With a long-term visa in Poland, it is possible to register one’s residence at their own address

  • The process of obtaining citizenship becomes smoother and faster.

In several European Union countries, such as Spain, Portugal, Greece, or Malta, there are exceptions and facilitations in place when purchasing real estate and obtaining a temporary residence permit.

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